Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to be a parent like our parents

Nowadays, there are a lot of so called 'gym' for kids and play area in almost all the shopping malls you go to. I personally think that it's a waste of money taking your kids to these places but with the limited times you have on your daily schedule, you can't help but be thankful for these places where you can leave your child while you run your errands and be in peace that there's someone looking after them, running and jumping around.

No, we didn't grow up like that and we turned up fine.

I spent my childhood cycling from one park to another, sometimes with my parents, sometimes with friends. God knows how much I want to do the same with my kids but it's really dangerous cycling along the busy road nowadays.

Gone are the days that roaming around the neighbourhood alone or with some friends are not a big issue. Parents now can't let their kids out of their sight even at the tiny sundry shop down the street that belong to that uncle you've known all your life just by making short stops to and back from school not so long ago.

I want my kids to be able to do all those things.

Cycle around enjoying the morning sun or the afternoon wind, walk and run around at the playground teasing the Touch-Me-Nots, smell the grass after it rains and or even walk to the mall and making pit stops  at each of their friends' house along the way.

We try as much as we can to take our kids to parks just for morning walks on weekends. But with our tight schedule and leaving everything else aside work for the weekend, the key word here is TRY. I know some parents whose idea of taking the kids for a day out means taking them to the mall and I certainly wouldn't want to be that kind of parent.

I guess to be able to do all those and have a career at the same time you have no choice BUT to be a supermom.

Now, bring me all the energy boosters, multivitamins and what nots.

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