Thursday, March 1, 2012

And then there were two...

I recently gave birth to my 2nd child, a boy. My 1st, a daughter will be turning 4 in April. Since I came back to work mid December last year, I felt that there were just not enough hours in a day! Between breastfeeding my baby, work and house chores, whatever energy and time left is to give some attention to my daughter. I know she sometimes feel left out since everyone's attention is now on the baby.

She loves her baby brother, don't get me wrong. She adores him. And you can see that the brother adores her too. He'll turn to look for her the minute he hears her voice and looks amusingly at the sister everytime she talks to him. It's been like that ever since he was able to pay attention to something or someone. It wasn't to me or the father, but the sister.

It's kind of fascinating how he recognises his sister's voice. Afterall, she's been talking to her brother since he was in my tummy. That's what she did. Almost every night before going to bed, she'll talk to my tummy. She'll just say things like how excited she was to be having a little brother or how she can't wait for him to come out. You'd never thought that the brother would be familiar with the voice once he's out. Now that he's turned 4 months, he listens attentively to the sister everytime she tells him something. He smiles immediately at the sight of his sister and gets excited when she teases him.

Gone were the days when I used to take my daughter shopping. Just the two of us.

Now, it takes up a whole load of energy just by getting both of them ready and by the time we get into the car, they'll already be grumpy or I'll be grumpy and sweating profusely. A couple of hours would be enough to drain out all the energy I managed to get from the few hours of sleep the night before.

You know the portrayal of a mom pushing a stroller, enjoying herself with her child, looking good, window shopping or just strolling, breathing fresh air you always read in novels or see in movies?

Yeah... you can forget about that now. That was then.

But somehow or rather, you'll forget about all your pain and tiredness you gained from one short trip when you stop and look at them both, talking and playing with each other at the end of the day. The apparent connection between siblings somehow amazes you when it's really obvious that they sense the connection between them themselves.

The best thing of all, instead of having the privilege to watch my daughter grow up, I'm now also able to see my son grow. I've been through all these before but I'm still amused at how they learn things and develop their skills.

A friend recently told me that somehow, there's something soothing about a baby's grip.

I agree.

I'm gonna go get my grip now. I miss it.

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