Monday, April 16, 2012

From Maria to Peter... What's next?

So the little princess has taken from watching The Sound Of Music every single night before going to bed and over the weekends to watching a video of the ballet performance of Peter and The Wolf.

Yes, I grew up watching The Sound Of Music and although I don't really want to admit, I do know the dialogues by heart. So when Nadyne fell in love with the movie not so long ago, I wasn't the least bit surprised.

The only problem is, she made us watch with her over and over again, every day.

It was one of my favourite growing up but now just at the thought of having to endure another 2 hour or so of the movie suddenly seem so painful and torturing. Of course, we sing along with her every time, nevertheless.

Just as we thought it was going to be a never-ending torture, she shifted her interest to ballet and started to watch Peter and The Wolf. Now this, is slightly more tolerable as the performance lasts only about half an hour.

Another classic I really loved as a kid was Anne Of Green Gables. I was looking around the stores for the DVD and found out that I can buy the series online.

 In her ballet outfit

Watching Peter and the Wolf

Except now, I'm afraid that if I introduce this to her, it's gonna be a repeat of Maria and Peter all over again.

Should I really introduce her to Anne and Gilbert?

What would Anne do, I wonder.

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