Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Big C Strikes Again

I cringe every time I get news of someone diagnosed with cancer, especially if that someone is close to me, or someone I've met before. Yes, I've lost an aunt who's dear to me to that evil disease. Read about it here.

Recently, I received that dreadful news again. 

I have a huge family and we're very close. We have a couple of family doctors who my grandparents, uncles and aunts go to for the family disease - heart and diabetes. I myself have known these doctors for years.

Recently, the unthinkable happened. One of them was diagnosed with cancer.

When you have a permanent doctor or doctors you go to everytime someone in your family fall sick, you start to think that the doctors will always be there for every single one of you. We forget that they are humans too and are capable of falling sick, just like us. 

Have you ever watched a thriller or horror movie where when something shocking happens a loud thunder suddenly appears together with the sound of horns? 

That was how it felt like when I received the news. It hit me like an enormous brick that fell right on top of my soft, tiny head with a sound deafening to everyone's ears that made them jump and stare into space.

If the disease were a man, I would've held him by his throat, tell him that it's so rude of him to come and interfere with our lives again, probably punch him a few times on the face and say 'don't you dare come near us ever again!'

When my aunt managed to beat it the first time, we all felt so relieved. It was a victory for her and all of us who fought with her. We celebrated and cheered while the disease walked away carrying the white flag, head down with shame.

But of course, that wasn't the case at all.

We thought we were the stronger ones. Alas, it had tricked us by pretending to walk away and then come back quietly, ambushing us and severed us more.

That time, it came back stronger than ever.

That time, it was there to stay. That time, it stayed all the way till the end.

Now, it's happening again.

What do we do? How do we kill It?

Yes, I'm angry - at It. How dare it comes back and made its presence felt. It's as if it's mocking us, grinning, snickering right to our faces.

We're helpless.

But I'm hoping for miracles still. It does happen every now and then, right?

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