Monday, June 11, 2012

The Devil Inside

So we're trying to save up for this trip to visit my cousin in Helsinki we've been planning for so long. She's finally coming back to Malaysia for good at the end of the year so this is our absolutely last chance to go visit the place while she's there.

For months I've been trying so hard to save up but there was always something we had to do or somewhere we had to go to that needed money spent on. Well, I admit that some were just my weakness in abstaining myself from the sheer pleasure of a new dress for that theme party I had to attend or shoes to match that new pants I just bought or a new bag because I don't have that colour yet or even coffee at Starbucks because it's a different kind of coffee from the one you have at home. 

So, how do I do this? 

How do I refrain myself from all my guilty pleasures? I tell myself you will find a nicer top when we travel soon or a better pair of shoes abroad so no one else will be wearing the same thing here but a woman always have to have that particular pair of shoes to match that particular pair of skirt that can only go with that other particular pair of blouse because no other style of shoes can go with them. 

Apart from that, we have our outdoor activities too. Like the street race we took part last month, the motor  hunt we're taking part 2 weeks from now, the waterfall abseiling, rock climbing and everything else in between that need money. Not to mention weddings to attend, family trips and Eid preparations. 

I guess I'll just have to fight this shopaholic devil I've been keeping inside of me for the longest time. If worst comes to worst I'll just scour around the house for things to sell. 

I'm sure I can find some bags or shoes or blouses that I no longer need or err... have never worn before because I forgot I have it in the first place...


  1. Yes Mommy! Please save up or else Dadda has to fork out all the traveling expenses like he always did... ;)

  2. hehe... that's because Dadda's such a darling :)