Friday, July 6, 2012

Loving the Nature

Sometimes, we have to take time off from work to just appreciate the nature. I think it's really important to show our younger generation that work is not life and the city is not the best place to be in all the time. With more indoor kids' gym/play area growing like mushrooms everyday now, we try as much as we can to also take our kids out to the park, just like the good old days.

Or walk, sit and relax by the sea...

And the river...

Once in a while, we'll leave our kids behind and go for some outdoor activities that are meant more for adults.
Recently, we did just that.

Broga Hill
We started early on a Sunday morning. It took us less than an hour to reach Outbac Broga. Once we arrived, they took us straight into the forest. We had to hike up a hill for about 20 minutes or so until we reach a waterfall. 
There, we did our first activity for the day - Waterfall abseiling.

After lunch, we went to another place for our rock climbing and water tubing.

After we've done some climbing, we dipped ourselves in the small waterfall/stream next to it.

And then, on to the last activity - water tubing.

Yes, it's nice to take some time off from work and the city to enjoy yourself... maybe hurt a little.

I mean, hey... that's what life is all about..!

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