Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yoga Pants - One Of My Guilty Pleasures

As a working mom, I have some of my own guilty pleasures (some that I'm too embarrassed to mention too). I know that I'm supposed to dress well to work and most of the time I love dressing up whenever I go out with my husband and kids too. But there are those days when you can't be bothered and just want to stay home or walk around town in some comfy and light clothing and one of my go-to comfy pants are non other than my yoga pants.

Yoga pants seems to be one of the outfits loved by all women of any age and sizes. Nowadays, women are seen wearing trendy designs of yoga pants to the gym, during their weekend brunch or hanging at the beach with matching tops. Thanks to the celebrities with sports brands endorsements, yoga pants are no longer something you only wear indoors because you're embarrassed to be seen in them but they are fast becoming a must-have fashion piece to add in your closet. There are various reasons why yoga pants are a hit among women.

The first reason is because of the lightweight fabric.

Women want to feel comfortable during their day off from work especially the ones who are living in a hot tropical climate like Malaysia. The best way a woman can style their yoga pants is by pairing it with a basic over-sized long tee or a blouse shirt.

Besides that, yoga pants are perfect for the ladies who are having their menstruation or periods.

Some women I know know very well how frustrating periods can be, with excessive tummy bloating and hot flushes. Yoga pants are definitely the go-to pants on those kinda days because they are designed with an elastic waistband that allows you to feel comfortable wearing it without ever worrying on your bloated tummy. You don't have to squeeze in your tummy when dressing up on weekends as the trendy yoga pants spandex material will do its magic.

Another reason why I and most probably a majority of other women could never resist the temptation of the yoga pants or leggings is you can get involved in whatever sports you want in style!

 Instead of wearing the typical sweatpants, women can switch it up with a nice pair of any coloured yoga pants during their workout sessions to suit their style because somehow yoga pants make women look stylish and sexy at the same time.

If you're looking for some new pair of women sports pants, check out ZALORA for a wide range of yoga pants online in Malaysia from various local and international brands.

Let me share a little secret. I have a few yoga pants in different colours because sometimes I pair them with a nice top and wear them to work too! So in case I need to go somewhere with the kids straight from work, I don't have to worry about being uncomfortable and still be flexible enough to run after the kids.

Now excuse me while I go browse for some more comfy pants. I suggest you do the same too!

Happy shopping!

Friday, October 17, 2014

On To The Next Adventure

My daughter, Nadyne just had her kindergarten convocation last Sunday. For weeks they've been preparing for it, rehearsed their performance everyday and talking about her doing the opening speech before the performance and how they had to last minute add another performance as the opening section and so on.

I, of course knew about this for weeks too and have received the invitation for it earlier on from the teachers. It didn't really sink in initially but as we got nearer to the event it suddenly dawned on me that my baby girl, my lil' princess has grown up!

You know how in the movies when a character receives a surprise or shocking news and his/her life went flashing by slide by slide? Yeah, I had that last week. Just like in the movies, my daughter's life went passing by slide by slide in seconds and then the sadness hit me.

In a couple of months, I'll be buying school uniforms for her. In a couple of months I'd have to wake up early in the wee hours of the morning to prepare her for school. In a couple of months we can't have late nights on school nights and in a couple of months, holidays will be more expensive as we'd have to go during school holidays just like everyone else.

Soon, she'd want to spend more time with her friends instead of her mommy. Soon, travelling in the same car with mommy won't as be exciting anymore. Soon, singing along with mommy while watching any TV shows or in the car or at the park won't be fun and cool anymore and soon, kissing and hugging mommy when I drop her at the entrance of her school will be embarrassing to her. 

I hope all those things I mentioned won't happen too soon. I hope I still get a few more years to be able to do that, maybe at least until she moves on to high school. I hope she won't ever be embarrassed kissing and hugging me whenever I drop her to school and I hope she will never get tired of being my baby girl, my lil' princess. 

Whatever it is, I pray she'll grow up to be a beautiful girl inside and out. I pray that she'll live a great and wonderful life. I pray that she's always happy and safe in whatever she decides to pursue in life. I pray that god be with her in every step of the way and I pray that she'll come to me every time she has a problem and every time she needs help with anything at all.

Aryanna Nadyne. You are truly god's gift to me and you have added colour to my life. You made me feel special and you're the reason we had your brother not long after we had you.

It's been a wonderful journey so far and I hope it will never end. On to the next adventure, princess.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Plan B

Once in a while I take my kids to those play rooms at malls where you pay a certain fee and just leave them there to play as long as they want (or as long as it takes for you to finish shopping). So last week we tried this new play area that had just opened in Empire, Subang Jaya.

It wasn't planned.

The initial plan (Plan A) was to go for her usual ballet class, have brunch at the nearby mall and head home. We missed my daughter's ballet class that morning due to some embarrassing and dense blunder (which I won't go into right now) so we decided to head to one of the malls near us for lunch. After our meal my cousin and I decided to take a stroll in the mall, window shopping, when we suddenly thought of that place near Toys R Us and decided to check it out.

The funny thing is that the name of the place is called Kidzooonia. No, it's not a typo and yes, it has three O's. From the name I figured one can imagine a cross between Kidzania and the zoo or maybe the zoo for kids?

 Anyway, it's actually not that bad at all. You pay RM10 on weekdays or RM15 on weekends (and public holidays, I guess) and you can let them play for an unlimited time, well, at least until the mall closes at 10pm.

There was also a bouncing castle at the end of it and an area for the kids to play with huge, lego-like bricks at one corner. The rule says that at least one adult has to accompany the kids but if you want to leave your kids you may do so at your own risk, although, the kids have their own numbered bracelet tags and only you are allowed to take your kids out and you'd also have to sign in and out.

Needless to say, my kids had a lot of fun on that day. Getting them to leave was a struggle but at least they were tired enough that they slept once we got home and mommy could continue with the house chores without any disturbance.

So, plan B worked.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mom Again After 2 Years.

After I gave birth to my second child more than 2 years ago we hired a helper/nanny to help take care of both my kids especially when we are both away at work.

For 2 complete years it was bliss. She was a mature Indonesian woman from Indonesia in her 40s and has a granddaughter of her own back home. Naturally, she was good with my newborn son and he grew very attached to her, they both did. Everyone calls her 'bibik' (which means aunty in Indonesian).

Bibik and Idzhar during his 2nd birthday party

Apart from taking care of my kids, bibik also helped clean and tidy the house and soon my extended family have accepted her as a part of our family. My late grandma was especially fond of her. Bibik took good care of her when she was sick and was happy to accompany her whenever and wherever. Bibik loved going back to mom's hometown where my grandma lived.

Life as a mother of two was not so challenging with bibik around. I had someone to help look after them when we walked at the mall, help change the baby's diapers when I was too tired after coming home from work, help prepare the ingredients so I could just come back from work and start cooking and after dinner there was someone else who could help with the dishes.

Getting the kids ready for everything took half of the time since there were two of us. Ed and I could also go out for a quick date and not worry about the kids. We used to go for movies almost every week without the kids. We could have our outdoor activities anytime we wanted. Whenever I was unwell, there was someone else who could sleep with the baby.

Last January, after 2 years of being with us, bibik had to leave us for good. We persuaded her to stay and really wanted to renew her work permit but her husband wanted her to go back to Indonesia and help their daughter at their food stall. We renewed her permit anyway just in case she decides to change her mind.

So here I am, working full-time and juggling to be a good mom, wife and daughter at the same time. I'm always tired (although I don't show it and pretend that I'm not) and every chance I get I'll ignore the kids' pleas, tantrums, requests or toilet breaks and hope that my husband will deal with them.

I'm constantly suspicious with moms who are able to maintain their looks with not a strand of hair not in place. I'm most often jealous with moms who go shopping at the malls on weekends with their kids in their neat outfit and 5 inch heels and I envy those moms who are able to take their kids everywhere and just let them loose. I really try to take my kids everywhere we go and a good friend of mine even came up with a motto for me - have stroller, will travel - but most often than not, I need another holiday after those kind of holidays. Nothing stresses me more than the thought of packing for a holiday for the kids.

There are days that I just feel I can't go on anymore and want to just lie in bed, close my eyes and sleep and ignore everything but most of the time I managed to brave through the day, stride by stride and at the end of each day, nothing makes me more happy than to look at their happy faces when they see me home from work or just hop onto my bed to kiss me goodnight.

That's when I tell myself, 'tomorrow's another day and I'll think about it when the time comes'. Until then, I'm the happiest mom in the world...

And the cycle continues.