Friday, October 17, 2014

On To The Next Adventure

My daughter, Nadyne just had her kindergarten convocation last Sunday. For weeks they've been preparing for it, rehearsed their performance everyday and talking about her doing the opening speech before the performance and how they had to last minute add another performance as the opening section and so on.

I, of course knew about this for weeks too and have received the invitation for it earlier on from the teachers. It didn't really sink in initially but as we got nearer to the event it suddenly dawned on me that my baby girl, my lil' princess has grown up!

You know how in the movies when a character receives a surprise or shocking news and his/her life went flashing by slide by slide? Yeah, I had that last week. Just like in the movies, my daughter's life went passing by slide by slide in seconds and then the sadness hit me.

In a couple of months, I'll be buying school uniforms for her. In a couple of months I'd have to wake up early in the wee hours of the morning to prepare her for school. In a couple of months we can't have late nights on school nights and in a couple of months, holidays will be more expensive as we'd have to go during school holidays just like everyone else.

Soon, she'd want to spend more time with her friends instead of her mommy. Soon, travelling in the same car with mommy won't as be exciting anymore. Soon, singing along with mommy while watching any TV shows or in the car or at the park won't be fun and cool anymore and soon, kissing and hugging mommy when I drop her at the entrance of her school will be embarrassing to her. 

I hope all those things I mentioned won't happen too soon. I hope I still get a few more years to be able to do that, maybe at least until she moves on to high school. I hope she won't ever be embarrassed kissing and hugging me whenever I drop her to school and I hope she will never get tired of being my baby girl, my lil' princess. 

Whatever it is, I pray she'll grow up to be a beautiful girl inside and out. I pray that she'll live a great and wonderful life. I pray that she's always happy and safe in whatever she decides to pursue in life. I pray that god be with her in every step of the way and I pray that she'll come to me every time she has a problem and every time she needs help with anything at all.

Aryanna Nadyne. You are truly god's gift to me and you have added colour to my life. You made me feel special and you're the reason we had your brother not long after we had you.

It's been a wonderful journey so far and I hope it will never end. On to the next adventure, princess.