Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yoga Pants - One Of My Guilty Pleasures

As a working mom, I have some of my own guilty pleasures (some that I'm too embarrassed to mention too). I know that I'm supposed to dress well to work and most of the time I love dressing up whenever I go out with my husband and kids too. But there are those days when you can't be bothered and just want to stay home or walk around town in some comfy and light clothing and one of my go-to comfy pants are non other than my yoga pants.

Yoga pants seems to be one of the outfits loved by all women of any age and sizes. Nowadays, women are seen wearing trendy designs of yoga pants to the gym, during their weekend brunch or hanging at the beach with matching tops. Thanks to the celebrities with sports brands endorsements, yoga pants are no longer something you only wear indoors because you're embarrassed to be seen in them but they are fast becoming a must-have fashion piece to add in your closet. There are various reasons why yoga pants are a hit among women.

The first reason is because of the lightweight fabric.

Women want to feel comfortable during their day off from work especially the ones who are living in a hot tropical climate like Malaysia. The best way a woman can style their yoga pants is by pairing it with a basic over-sized long tee or a blouse shirt.

Besides that, yoga pants are perfect for the ladies who are having their menstruation or periods.

Some women I know know very well how frustrating periods can be, with excessive tummy bloating and hot flushes. Yoga pants are definitely the go-to pants on those kinda days because they are designed with an elastic waistband that allows you to feel comfortable wearing it without ever worrying on your bloated tummy. You don't have to squeeze in your tummy when dressing up on weekends as the trendy yoga pants spandex material will do its magic.

Another reason why I and most probably a majority of other women could never resist the temptation of the yoga pants or leggings is you can get involved in whatever sports you want in style!

 Instead of wearing the typical sweatpants, women can switch it up with a nice pair of any coloured yoga pants during their workout sessions to suit their style because somehow yoga pants make women look stylish and sexy at the same time.

If you're looking for some new pair of women sports pants, check out ZALORA for a wide range of yoga pants online in Malaysia from various local and international brands.

Let me share a little secret. I have a few yoga pants in different colours because sometimes I pair them with a nice top and wear them to work too! So in case I need to go somewhere with the kids straight from work, I don't have to worry about being uncomfortable and still be flexible enough to run after the kids.

Now excuse me while I go browse for some more comfy pants. I suggest you do the same too!

Happy shopping!